Baylands Nature Preserve Palo Alto CA

Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve Palo Alto, California

The city of Palo Alto is home to the largest area of undisturbed marshland called Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve.  My friends at Bay Area Hood Cleaning recommended I go there when I am in town.

Baldands Nature Preserve Palo Alto CaliforniaWith one thousand nine hundred and forty pristine acres, there are multi-use trails running for fifteen miles.  It is one of the best bird watching places on the West Coast and there are also fresh and tidal water habitats.

There used to be a yacht club in the early 1900’s but was shut down when they rerouted the San Francisquito Creek.  They dredged the yacht club fill some of the marshlands for a golf course and an airport.

In the Baylands, there are many species of animals and plants.  On a good day, you may see an endangered bird called the Ridgway’s Rail or a gray fox.  They even have pumas in the marshland.

In addition to the fifteen miles of trails, there is an interpretive center which is located on a salt marsh.  For a quarter of a mile across the marsh to open water there is a plank walk.  This leads to a great spot where you can see the San Francisco Bay.