Things to do in Oakland, California

Founded by naturalist Henry A. Snow in 1922, the Oakland Zoo became a nonprofit organization when his son took over. It was run by the East Bay Zoological Society with the original name of Alameda County Botanical and Zoological Society. The name changed to Oakland Zoo in 2017. The Zoo has several regions like Gladys Valley Children’s Zoo, Flamingo Plaza, African Veldt, Tropical Forest and more. There are over seven hundred and fifty exotic and native animals that live in … Read More

Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve Palo Alto, California

The city of Palo Alto is home to the largest area of undisturbed marshland called Palo Alto Baylands Nature Preserve.  My friends at Bay Area Hood Cleaning recommended I go there when I am in town. With one thousand nine hundred and forty pristine acres, there are multi-use trails running for fifteen miles.  It is one of the best bird watching places on the West Coast and there are also fresh and tidal water habitats. There used to be a … Read More

Review of Three Great Restaurants by Bay Area Hood Cleaning

Restaurants in the Bay Area are a dime a dozen.  While there is a lot of cultural restaurants to choose from, sometimes good old fashion American cuisine can really hit home.   Wood Tavern is a popular Rockridge restaurant that is in the Bay Area.  Owners Rebekah and Rich Wood decided they wanted to open a restaurant that was closer to their home, so they could have the best of both worlds.  Raise a family and run a wildly successful … Read More